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Genius365 Voucher Codes, Coupon Codes, eCoupon, Promo Codes - provide outstanding travel concierge services for all levels of traveler. Click on link to activate coupons and discounts for genius365.comGenius365
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When abroad, what if you had a Genius who could:

Be a 'VIP'
  • Book an hotel or a taxi,
  • Find THE best restaurant,
  • Manage your plane transfer,
  • Get you tickets for a show or a sporting event,
  • Call back one of your clients,
  • Arrange an unexpected journey,
  • Find a doctor or a dentist,
  • and much more...

a VIP service for a low-cost price !

Genius 7
Limited offer
Up to 7 days concierge service :
20,72   instead of    25,90
2,96 / day

Suscribe now !

The Genius 365 Concierge Service

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, your time is precious. Wasted time can make all the difference between a successful trip and a trip that leaves you feeling dissatisfaction about missed opportunities.

The Genius 365 concierge service follows you around the world and guards you against all those little annoyances that can grow into big problems simply because you are not familiar with the country, the language or the city where you’re travelling.

During your subscription period, you’ll have a local phone number that lets you reach one of our advisors who speaks your language, and who will be able to provide you with solutions and help you make the best possible use of your stay.

About Genius 365 - an Airsavings Company

Genius 365 is the leading concierge service for international airlines, operated by Airsavings. We are proud to have already served more than 4,000,000 customers in many countries around the world. Genius 365 has the resources and experience necessary to address the vast majority of the issues that are presented to our advisers every day.



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